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Little changes make great progress


Abiy Ahmed

4th Prime Minister of Ethiopia
MA in Transformational Leadership and Change 2011, University of Greenwich
The youngest leader in Africa when taking office in 2018

Sir Charles Kao

Nobel Prize winner, Fibre optics pioneer, Philanthropist.
BSc Electrical Engineering 1957 HonDSc 2003, University of Greenwich

Guy Penwill

Compositor Double Negative
Winner of 02 Oscars and 01 BAFTA Award for Best VFX (Movies: Ex Machina, Interstellar)
BSc Computing 2003, University of Greenwich

Kim Hung

FPT IS, LG Electronics, MobiTV
Master of Data Analytics, Grand Canyon University (United States)
BSC Computing 2015, University of Greenwich 

Ly Tung Nam

ASML Holding (Netherlands)
PhD 2018 (fully-funded scholarship), University of Würzburg (Germany)
BSc Computing, University of Greenwich

Nguyen Hong Son

CEO, Onite; Co-founder, WeCycle
Master’s degree, University of University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom)
BSc Computing, University of Greenwich